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  • Part Number: RCHT8612WF2005
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches
  • Item model number: RCHT8612WF
  • Style: New
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Number Of Pieces: 1
  • Included Components: Thermostat, Instruction Manual, Power Adapter
  • Batteries Included?: No
  • Batteries Required?: No


The T5 smart thermostat allows you to take comfort knowing your home temperature will always be just how you like it. It's easy to install and use and conveniently fits in with your lifestyle. The T5+ smart thermostat is energy star certified and you can program it based on your Schedule, or let...

User reviews

Just setup the device. Was simple to begin with. No issues at first. Then when trying to change the wifi to our secondary wifi network which is a network that we setup with all our smart home devices to separate our home computers from all the vendor devices we ran into problems. Both the iPhone and Android apps refused to complete the setup. I tried everything from reinstalling the apps to a factory reset on the thermostat. Finally I broke down and called support. After waiting about 10 minutes on hold, I was connected with a support rep. He was good, though still took over 45 minutes on the phone total to determine my secondary WiFi likely has blocked ports or uses an unsupported security protocol. Better error handling should be built into the apps and/or thermostat to prevent this run around.Once working, I like it so far. Geo-fencing worked yesterday and and after a couple tries Alexa was hooked up as well.Here's what tech support mailed me for supported WiFi. I have yet to mess with my router to see what is not compatible.1. IP address has to be dynamic.2. Router needs to broadcast signal 2.4ghz.3. The following ports open: 80 443 113.4. Password needs to be alphanumeric.5. Thermostats are not compatible with the following security settings: WPA AES PSK WPA2 TKIP PSKIf router is set to one of those two above it would have to be changed to something else.6. Set Google Public DNS as the DNS service 7. Enter IP addresses and as primary/secondary DNS serverProtocol / Security StandardsHoneywell's Wi-Fi thermostats are compatible with the following Wi-Fi security standards:OPENWEP PSKWPA TKIP PSKWPA2 AES PSKWPA2 MIXED PSKThey are NOT compatible with the following:WPA AES PSKWPA2 TKIP PSKchange the router settings to one of the supported settings above. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact the router manufacturer Mac ID and CRC displayed on stat, insert card, and back of stat. There is a dropdown box on the registration screen @ mytotal connect to select wi-fi stat or gateway device.
Works well. Had a bit of a snag setting up the Wi-Fi initially, but that may be more due to my impatience than anything, as it took an unacceptable 5 minutes ( 😉 ) to connect!That said, there was a serious issue, that YOU may want to know about: this thermostat requires 4 WIRES and not 3, as older homes usually have. The reason for this is because this thing needs a constant 24 volts, in order to maintain your Wi-Fi connection, whereas older thermostats used batteries for backup in the event the power went out. I didn't find this out until I unpacked it and had my older one off the wall, ready to install my chagrin I found that I lacked a wire, and thus, I began reading the instructions. Long story short, I was fortunate, in that my house already had a wire bundle with the wires that I needed, but only the three were being used- the fourth was simply tucked away, for the last 14 years, waiting for me to discover it. Once I plugged the thermostat in, after connecting everything that was required, I was again disappointed to see no life, nothing on the screen! Turns out, that other wire, although being plugged in to my new thermostat, wasn't plugged into the power source, the main circuit board in my furnace/air handler in the attic! Once I climbed up there and discovered that, I plugged it right in to the empty slot where it was just waiting to go, and wallah- everything worked perfectly!So, before you start looking to rewire your house, or purchase one of those "add-a-wire" kits (that they also sell on Amazon), make sure your house isn't ALREADY wired up! You'll be glad you did!Also, if you end up doing anything I just mentioned, be sure to cut the power to you air handler/AC before you begin work, as you wouldn't want to get zapped.Cheers!
Bought this to replace my Nest Gen 2 in order to get the apply HomeKit and Siri compatibility.My Favorite feature is Siri voice commands and the Geofencing. It’s not as attractive as the Nest was, but the learning feature Nest had was running up my utility bills. We never had a predictable lifestyle so the Lyric geofencing is a much better solution. Scheduling is also WAY easier on this. If you have Apple products you want this over the Nest. The Ecobee looked good too,but this is less and I couldn’t be happier.I was planning on giving the Nest to my in-laws, but now I think I’ll sell that in ebay and get them this for less money.

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