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The next generation of our best-selling Fire tablet ever - now thinner, lighter, and with longer battery life and an improved display.; Beautiful 7" IPS display with higher contrast and sharper text, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and up to 8 hours of mixed-use battery life (may vary depending on...

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I got this tablet on Prime Day as a gift for my daughter. I realized it wasn't HD, but my daughter is two, so it shouldn't make a difference. We basically wanted this so that she surf YouTube and watch Netflix videos--all of which she knows how to navigate by herself on our iPhones and iPads. But the thing is, she is two. Something frustrates her and she drops the devices--that doesn't fare well for the Apple Devices.So we went with this Fire 7. I'm not sure that I would get another Amazon device. Here are some things that I've noticed:Significantly more plastic-y. That makes sense because it is way cheaper than alternatives. Then they put the speaker in the back of the device, completely and totally away from the viewer. Doesn't make sense at all. The machine is so slow, YouTube was unusable, as was Netflix. We finally downloaded a few movies our daughter likes onto Netflix and literally only play those. It's a two-movie device. Period.Then, about two months of owning it, and eventually permanently mounting it on the back of our seats so she can watch it on car trips, the charging port breaks, and it has become incredibly difficult to charge it.All in all, this thing is okay for the price, but I don't know if I would ever do it again.Pros:CheapPlays moviesCons:Poor qualitySlowBad speaker placementPower Jack isn't reliable
I had a Fire HDX 7 (and others) and loved it. I lost it on an airplane and figured that I will just get the latest 7 inch fire and it should be better than my 3 year old one. WRONG! I hate it. Books are almost illegible compared to my 3 year old fire. The pixelation is terrible. The construction quality is terrible too. The old 7 felt very solid (and was). This feels like a toy. The biggest problems though are legibility and graphics. Unfortunately I am working the Antarctic and won't be able to return it (a friend brought it down). My magazines and prime video also essentially useless on this device. Hopefully they will bring back a similar form factor fire but the resolution of 3 years ago.Again - Do not buy this piece of trash. How can I get another HDX 7 like before?
Bought this 8 GB version on prime Day due to low cost and supposed ability to add a 32 GB SD memory card. it turns out that if you try to add apps to memory card, that part of the app still goes into the limited internal memory . For me it did not really increase the total available internal memory due to very little being placed on the memory card . I would guess if you wanted to keep Many movies on the SD card that could be beneficial . However, using the memory card after two weeks , I started to have random glitches . For example , after turning on the tablet Facebook and messenger and Pandora would take about a minute to become usable . As today is the last day I could return it , I decided to delete everything from the memory card , reset the tablet , take out the memory card , and re-download the three apps mentioned above, but I have placed nothing on the memory card that I removed . All works well now; and I guess I will keep it due to the low prime Day price . However I have very little space if I wanted to store movies on the fire 7 . But, then you may have to deal with a glitchy tablet . Thankfully I have a fire 8 2016 with 32 GB internal memory , and have very few problems with that tablet , which I would recommend over the fire 7 . BTW, In regards to Amazon fire technical support: I found them very unhelpful and not very knowledgeable , which has made me rethink buying Amazon electronic products . Also, I asked three times to be transferred from overseas tech support to USA tech support and although I was told they were doing that, they never did . Amazon, to me, is not what it used to be a few years ago . I'm beginning to wonder why I'm a prime member...

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