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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Pinblock building blocks redefine construction sets with infinite possibilities; Support your children's creativity with Pinblock, a Forbes ranked top 10 toy of the year; Create anything: 3D models, pixel arts, wearable designs and more;...

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My 8 year old extremely intelligent and easily bored son LOVES these! We have spent at least $1,000 in Lego products (just to learn he primarily wanted the figurines) hours building the models, to have them fall apart. These are smaller, spark his imagination, and e ven im having a ball with them. Their ability to "wave" adds lo the fun. A definite AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++ product!!
How is this not bigger than LEGO? -The Back Story-I stumbled upon Pinblock’s Instagram page and that’s where my story began. Perfect coincidence because I was about to visit a friend who has a daughter and a son.Prime shipping and 2 days later I got a pretty box at my doorstep.The packaging looked impressive and I thought it would be a cool gift for the kids to explore. There’s nothing exciting left about yet another Barbie gift for the girl and a LEGO gift for the boy. If all else fails, at least it’s something new and original.I was excited to put these Pinblocks to the ultimate test. As I understood, the set that I got had no manual to build the examples that are shown on the package. I wondered, would the kids be able to just get it? -The Friend’s House-The kids were out of the house and I was by myself talking to the mom. Our conversation sidetracked to Pinblock set that I took out of the bag and placed on the table in front of us. I guess my excitement was contagious and we, two “adults”, found ourselves tearing open the box to find out what is this Pinblock thing is all about.First impression? Reminds me of playing in the sandbox. The first thing I did was run my hand through the box of Pinblocks and got a very satisfying feeling. This wasn’t a sealed LEGO plastic bag filled with random sparse​ pieces, this was a container FILLED with a bunch of the same type of building block. So many possibilities I thought.What did we build? Straight lines and squares -,-Creative, aren’t we.We forgot about the Pinblock set and went on with our small talk in the kitchen. -The Kids-My friend opened the door and the chaos was unleashed. The girl is running around the house and the boy keeps rambling (screaming?) about something.We retired back to the kitchen and left the kids on their own.The next 15-20 minutes passed pretty quickly, but there was something odd in the air – charming aura of silence. It’s too early for the kids to sleep and definitely not both of them at the same time. What’s going on?My friend and I decided to go survey the kid situation.The good news?Kids are both focused 120% on building with the Pinblock set.The bad news?They took apart the lines and squares that the mom and I have built.Way to show adults about the lack of creativity. The boy copied the example shown on the back of the package and made himself a watch. And the girl went on to make herself a white & gold tiara. -The Conclusion-The kids later discovered that on Pinblock’s website they offer many free tutorials on how to make various cool things. The kids kept busy with ONE SET (I have yet to fully comprehend that) for at least a week. That was their primary focus.The mom later got the girl Theme 4 of the Freestyle set I believe. It had an array of very pretty chalky colors.When I’m visiting someone and they have a kid, I’m bringing a Pinblock set with me. As for myself, I just don’t think I’m creative enough to build all the really cool things. The dads seem to be really into it though.PROS:• Love how it’s just one piece. You don’t have to deal with the instructions telling you to find a cornered 4 piece and then spend 10 minutes shuffling through the bag trying to find it.• You get 1000 pieces in the Freestyle box. That’s quite a bit compared to some other construction toys in the market that might top out at 500 pieces in the same price range.• Really cool color themes allow me to pick a Freestyle box that is specific to what construction I have in mind.• ***** BIG ONE**** You can make wearables like crowns and bracelets and you can make pixel art – SO CUTE! Hey, LEGO has been in the stores for decades and you can’t really do that with their blocks.• I expected the thin pins on the top to be flaky and break easy. No… could never be more wrong. If you go ahead and buy this, and you also happen to be reading this review, try this – take two Pinblocks and connect them, then try to snap them in half. What you’ll discover with quite a bit of force, the pins finally start to BEND but not break. Interesting huh? And when you finally bent the into an L shape, you can bend it right back to the original form. I honestly didn’t expect that.CONS:• Lack of smaller box. I never heard of Pinblock products prior to this. This was a leap of faith for me considering the $50 price. Considering that it’s a normal price for building block toys in that size, I gave it a go. What could be better, however, is a smaller box that will be more pocket-friendly. That will reduce the fear of possibly getting some bad toy.• Being that there’s only one type of piece, sometimes you have to give it a long thought before attempting to make something. At a certain point in building things, I thought it would be cool to have at least of more type of Pinblock, like a turning piece for example. But like I said, with enough brainpower, you can still do whatever you want with just one type.
My boys (4 & 7 years old) love it!! They are crazy about Lego and all construction toys... but they find this awesome cause once the pieces are joined they can articulate them to get more organic shapes than in other toys. Example: a simple flat square (2D) can be transformed in endless 3D shapes like a cylinder, waves, and stairs, can be rolled up, etc... it develops their creativity and the sense of space!!

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