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Connect your Ring doorbell with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. Talk to visitors through compatible Echo devices by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door”.; Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC;...

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I was initially happy with the product; arrived quickly and was very easy to install and connect to wifi. I subscribed for the data storage fee of $3/month. I hardwired mine, so battery was never an issue. Enjoyed it at first, primarily from the novelty of the experience. I travel regularly, and liked the ability to give the impression that someone is home and/or watching all the time. However, connection was slow, such that by the time I could connect remotely after a motion alert, there was no longer anyone there. Likewise, no matter how I set the sensitivity, the video would start recording only after a person was already on my front porch, or worse, already walking away. The biggest disappointment and what I will allow to be my last, was that less than two months after the one-year warranty ran out, my doorbell dropped its connection to my wifi, permanently. I called customer service, and they tried for about a half hour to talk me through re-establishing the connection, but ultimately told me that, sorry, it's defective and can't be fixed. Because the warranty had JUST expired, I was told that my only option was to buy another one. After that experience, who would think this was a good idea? So I bought a $200 paperweight a little more than a year ago. Great.
I am really at a loss to express how disappointing this product was.To start off, I am extremely tech-savvy and my home is wired with a good 40+ z-wave, Insteon, Hue, and Zigbee devices. I also have extensive experience in electrical engineering.Right off the bat, the first Ring doorbell I received would not charge via hardwire. This was a brand-new installation with a new transformer, new resistor, and all voltages confirmed with a volt meter. I spent a good 45 minutes waiting on the phone with Ring tech support to get the inevitable conclusion that this was a defective unit. But instead of just swapping it out right there on the phone, they first wanted me to send back the mounting plate, wait for a new one to be shipped, try the new mounting plate, call back if there was a problem, and THEN they would ship out a new unit. That was very disappointing customer service from the beginning.Luckily, Amazon came to the rescue and shipped out a brand new unit overnight to replace the defective Ring unit.One would think this would solve the problem but alas, no. TWO DEFECTIVE UNITS IN A ROW that would not charge via hard wire. Thinking that there was some freak problem with the transformer, I borrowed a friend's Ring doorbell. Boom--charged right away. So yes, I ended up with two bum units in a row. That should never happen.Setting aside the double hardware failure, a few other major gripes:1) The Android software for this is absolutely awful. It is incredibly slow, buggy, and crashes frequently. And good luck trying to use the "Live View" feature. It takes at least 30 seconds to connect to the doorbell and again, crashes the app the majority of the time. The frustration level is just off the charts and I cannot believe the app ever made it out of beta.2) The Ring does not play well with two or more devices. I have an iPad permanently mounted in my living room for all types of home automation, including the Ring app. The Ring app is always open in the background obviously. Apparently if you have one Ring app opened somewhere and you then try to open it on another device (such as my phone when I'm out of the house)--crash. How is this possible?3) This is just personal, but the actual doorbell sound on this thing is really jarring and there's no way to change it to anything else. That should be a basic feature.4) The interface is slow, slow, slow.This looked like such a wonderful product on the surface but was an utter disappointment. I'll be returning the second defective unit.
Literally just installed and caught someone stealing our packages the same day. Sent video to our local police and they currently have them in custody. Found out they were also stealing our mail and trying to use our credit cards.The only thing I have issue with is that it is not able to tilt or move so camera is not able to show packages on the floor.Another issue is that if you want to change internet connection you have do take the whole thing down and do set up all over again.Overall it's one of the best purchases we've ever made.

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