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eufy Security Video Doorbell From eufy, the home security brand where privacy comes first. • Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Your Home • Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation Protects You, Your Family, and Your Privacy Every eufy Security product is...

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 I have been using the eufy Video Doorbell for a few weeks now, and I find that it is an excellent product overall for the price. There is definitely room for improvement, so I have provided a list of pros and cons below, but for this price, it is a great bargain. If the missing video clip bug and false person alerts are fixed in a firmware update, I can give this video doorbell 5 stars... until then, it gets a respectable 4 stars from me.Pros: - The video quality is good (although, the HDR quality is not great... see cons below). - The doorbell recognizes people extremely quickly and sends me an alert almost instantaneously. - Notifications on my iPhone are accompanied by a photo of the person at the door. - Looks sleek. - Comes with an angle plate. - No subscription cost!! - Inexpensive. - Really, really fast startup time. I quit the eufy app, then re-open it and the video from the doorbell starts streaming in seconds -- like 1 or 2 seconds. Even the app launches very fast.Cons: - Documentation mentions that if the doorbell glows yellow during the setup process, it is receiving sufficient power and I do not need to bypass the existing doorbell chime with the included bypass wires. However, I noticed that after it had been setup and I tried ringing the doorbell, the doorbell feedback chime (the "ding-dong" sound that the video doorbell makes to let you know it is ringing) would cut out immediately after ringing for a fraction of a second. This issue was fixed when I manually bypassed the existing doorbell chime despite the video doorbell receiving power, which tells me that it was receiving power, but not enough. - The doorbell keeps recognizing a tree in front of my house as a person and sends me false alerts multiple times a day as you can see in the the attached screenshots. I had to create a detection zone and exclude the tree in order to prevent the false alerts. - HDR images are not very clear... the HDR video looks fine, but the photos it captures and sends to my phone when it detects a person could be better. - When I answer the doorbell from my phone, the video is sometimes not recorded and saved. The other day I answered the doorbell, and afterwards I went back into my history to try and download the video clip, but it was missing -- no one deleted it... it was just not saved. - The doorbell is easy to detach from the wall if you have a thin metal rod... no special tools required, so I am afraid it will get stolen some day. - It needs multiple detection zones. The single detection zone is very prohibitive. - It needs an "ignore zone" in addition to the detection zone so I can exclude a section where my street is visible. - It needs a way to indicate which video clips were a result of a person appearing in front of the door vs. ringing the doorbell. I just see a list of video clips without any indication of whether the doorbell was rung or not. Also, it needs to indicate whether I answered the doorbell, or if it was a "missed" ring.EDIT [2019/09/16]: After having used the doorbell for over 2 months, I have one more complaint. The eufy Security app logs me out if I don't use it for more than a few days, resulting in me missing notifications from the app. I wish there was a way for the app to tell me that it has logged me off so I know I am no longer receiving notifications.
Setup for the most part was easy. The guide in the app is the same as the paper book they supply, it explained everything clearly. I had the old doorbell off and the new one on in no time. The problems started when I got the doorbell to turn on. I was so frustrated I almost gave up and returned it. I would get to the point where the doorbell was looking for a WiFi signal and I would type in my password... then nothing it wouldn't connect. I pulled out a spare AP and made a special network just for the doorbell and still nothing. I tried many times. Finally, I pulled the doorbell off, held the reset button and tried again. I was able to get the camera to connect. The next problem it wouldn't connect to the remote Chime. I tried to pair it multiple times and it failed every time. I tried to setup the motion detection area of the camera and it constantly wouldn't save my changes. I noticed there was an update for the firmware, I tried to run the update and again it failed multiple times. I gave up and left the doorbell hooked up overnight. In the morning, surprisingly the doorbell updated itself and things started to change! I was able to make setting changes and they would save. Response in general was much better. I was even able to sync my chime to the doorbell finally! Since then, it has been running great. My wife created her own account and the ability to share admin rights with her was seamless. It was a rough start but I'm glad I didn't give up on it right away!(I don't leave many reviews but wanted to share my experience since it's fairly new to the market and wanted people to know the built-in firmware is super buggy)
I really wanted to like this product. I've used Ring in the past, and I have a Nest Hello currently installed. I've never been happy with the latency (6+ seconds) in the Nest products, and the Hello in particular. But, I do like the full time recording aspect.So, when I read good things about the quick response for the Eufy product, I got giddy with excitement. Alas, it's got a longer latency (9+ seconds) than my Hello, and it doesn't pick up motion consistently. If the camera doesn't record full time - like the Nest Hello - and I can't rely on it to detect motion, then it's of little value as a security device.Kudos to Eufy for trying to get me to like this doorbell. I returned the first Eufy doorbell, but before they refunded my purchase, they said they corrected the latency issue WRT to IOS. I was willing to give it another try. But, in the end, despite constant support from Eufy, the doorbell failed to detect motion reliably - especially in low light, and dark conditions.I give Eufy and "A" for effort, but a "D" for execution.

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