Hot New Plus Size Swimwear $28.99, LALAGEN Womens Halter Swimdress Plus Size Two Piece Swimsuit Tankini Set,

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✿Material -- 82% Nylon + 18% Spandex. Plus size swim dress made of soft stretch fabric, it has moulded cups, provides great bust support.; ✿Nice Style -- Plus size swimsuit offer halter neck and strappys, high waist design, cutout back and long dress top for a slim fit.; ✿Sexy Curves -- Plus size...

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Ordered this swimsuit last minute and I was worried because there was no size chart. I guessed a size relying on my normal clothing size and it fits perfectly and is comfortable. The halter part and straps makes it very supportive along with the underwire. Would definitely buy again!
Okay, ladies, let's be real. If you are a big ole gal, which I clearly am, and you are expecting a swimsuit to make you appear like a supermodel, then swimsuits are not for you. Spandex is not going to be able to make you 10 sizes smaller. I personally am very comfortable in a swimsuit with my big arms exposed, ironically I'm not comfortable with my arms exposed in any other clothing. But I digress.As you can see from the photo I am not only a big gal, I'm a big gal that has zero muscle tone. I'm just fluffy all over.The colour of this suit is GORGEOUS. It is a beautiful wine colour. Now how it will stand up to fading in the sun I do not know as I just got this. But honestly, I never pay attention to that. I spend a LOT of time in the pool during the summer and between the sun and chlorine, I expect my suits to fade. I don't understand people who are stunned when that happens.The fit, which is possibly the most important, is SPOT on. I'm blown away as clearly coming from overseas as I ordered this on March 28th and didn't get until May 2nd. (Side note, I am a prime member but when I ordered the wine colour was not Prime eligible, it is now though!!) plus any time the size chart has to explain what the U.S. equivalent is...That being said I loved the color so much I did not mind the delayed shipping at all, I mean technically summer is not here yet. I CANNOT believe how well it fits. To help you understand I am 5'7", weigh 290 lbs and my chest is a 46DD (please note that my girls have not saluted the sun on their own in over a decade, they hang like hot water bottles). At Lane Giant, I mean Bryant and Torrid I tend to wear 22 -24 so their size chart seems accurate.The top provides plenty of support for my saggy gals. There is underwire in the suit. I've never had underwire in a swimsuit before (did not realize that when I ordered) and considering how uncomfortable an underwire bra tends to be I was worried. Didn't need to be. The halter time at the neck helps lift the gals up and I love the addition of the two little spaghetti straps over the shoulder; granted on their own they would be useless, but gave me a sense of added security JUST in case the halter comes untied; normally I don't do tie suites. This top lifts the girls up enough and shows just the right amount of cleavage plus with the white halter accenting, I swear I haven't felt this sexy in a swimsuit in years. My S.O. (Significant Other) loves it too. He actually did a double take. I do personally have trouble hooking the back strap, but that is what an S.O. is for. Depending on your own ability you may or may not be able to hook that yourself. It is a bit snug, but in a good way, as it helps the underwire do its job (in my opinion). The bra is padded, and there is a part of me that wishes it wasn't as I'm not an overly big fan of padded bras, not with breast my size. I'm not sure how well they will wash as typically those inserts tend to fold and shift, but we shall see.I love the length of the 'dress' part as it does help hide (but again don't expect miracles) some of my huge belly.I thought I'd have a complaint about the boy short bottom as there is a seam down the middle. Usually in a swimsuit bottom that is the kiss of death as the seam tends to ride up the, well, crack of the butt. That did NOT happen. I had no clue there was a seam at all. So once again very impressed. I didn't think to take a photo, but just like on the model the top stopped about half-way up my bellybutton. It didn't quite cover the entire thing but it did come up pretty high (which I expected). As you can see from the photo you can't see the bottoms at all when not in the pool. I like the boy short factor and will use with other suits that don't hang as long for when I'm being lazy and don't want to shave bikini line. Again, though I digress.I bought this suit to wear at the pool and beach this summer and as it's May have not had the opportunity yet, HOWEVER, I have worn it to water aerobics. This suit is not designed for that of course as the skirt of the top billows and floats around like mad. So if you are planning to swim laps etc. be prepared for that. I will say that during the 45 minutes, the girls did not fall out ONCE!! The boy shorts stayed in place no problem.This is hands down my most favourite suit I've owned in years.
Got my swimsuit today! I ordered the black one. I’m super picky about my bathing suits and only ever ordered from torrid. Well I put myself on a budget this year and it was worth it! I am a plus size short girl so you can imagine it’s hard. I LOVE THIS swim suit! I am a DDD in my chest area and this suit holds the girls up wonderfully! It doesn’t stick your body and show all your body spots. It actually flatters your good parts. Super comfortable! Adjustable as well! I’d order this over and over again every year to be honest! I will state I haven’t gotten in the water with it BUT I’ll edit this when I do just Incase it’s horrible when wet haha. But definitely worth the buy so far!

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