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You don’t have time to precision pack your briefcase. So pack along Commuter Series — the slim, sleek case that fits into any pocket, purse or bag. Featuring two tough layers — an internal slipcover and exterior shell — Commuter Series keeps your smartphone safe from drops, bumps, dust and life...

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Doesn't fit properly on my iPhone Xs. The rubber buckles around the buttons. It is real loose the volume and on and off button. This case does not fit properly, the edges are exposed and flimsy. I’d be worried if I drop it. This is not for iPhone Xs. I am hugely disappointed. Openings at the bottom for mike is bigger than required (looks like they sent the cover for iPhone Xs). Camera and apple logo on the back of the phone do not properly fit at the center of the openings. This is a huge disappointment since its a costly cover then it should fit in the iPhone Xs.
This case is great! Sleek but feels protective. It has a "lip" that goes over the phone screen so if you drop it, the case hits the ground first and not the screen. I had no issues with it not fitting as previous reviewers mentioned, this one fits perfectly over the X with no bulges or button alignment issues.I've used the Commuter Otterbox for every previous iPhone I owned and they were always great, so I hope this one continues to work just as well!
Highly recommend this product, purchased this for my wife 2 weeks ago along with the iPhone X. Also had a tempered glass screen protector on it...anyways, I dropped her off at the front door of the house today and after she closed the door she accidentally dropped the phone and it of course landed under the back tire of the car. Unknowingly I proceeded to drive to park and run over it! Thankfully it was perfectly fine! The screen protector however didn’t get so lucky. I’m extremely pleased with the performance of this case! Recommend to everyone! -Rebeca’s husband

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