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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 4 inches ; 4.2 ounces
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Cool Water Eau De Toilette Spray 6.7 Oz/ 200 Ml for Men by Zino Davidoff

User reviews

I normally get the 4oz bottle from Macy's for like $50 with my military discount. I ordered the 6.7oz bottle from here and saw all the reviews calling this knockoff and such....and honestly I was skeptical considering I'm getting 2 more ounces for about $20 LESS. But today when it arrived after I got over the size of the bottle I sprayed some on and went about my day. Smells the same as the stuff from Macy's and now about 4 hours later I can still smell it. It's not watered down and I cannot tell a difference between the two. Bottle came in the same box (just bigger) as the Macy's stuff and was wrapped in plastic just like the ones from Macy's. Codes on the bottle matched the codes on the box and all the labeling is consistent of it being authentic.So without a doubt, this is the real stuff. Not sure how it's this much cheaper but I am not complaining. Don't believe me? Order a bottle and see for won't regret it.
I've been using this product for over 2 years and absolutely love it.- It's relatively cheap- The scent lasts majority of the day- I've had many compliments over itHowever, my most recent purchase, I've been given a non-authentic product by Peter Schmidt. BSLLC USA.The first red flag was that the scent did not last nearly as long as the previous times I purchased this product, at the most 20 minutes and then it's gone.The second red flag was that there's no strong alcoholic scent coming the cologne like the authentic product has.I did some visual inspections on the bottle and posted the images. There's three visual differences between the fake (on the right) and the authentic version (on the left).1) [PHOTO 1] When the bottles on placed on their back, the authentic version has the 9 imprint on the right side, and the hazard logo on the left. The fake has it inverse.2) [PHOTO 2] From an aerial view, the authentic version has a glass line print that's straight, while the fake has it crooked.3) This one I did not post a photo as it was very difficult trying to show it but the authentic version is slightly smaller than the fake version. If you hold them side by side in person, it's easier to see.All three instances are subtle, and with the former two red flags, It's apparent that one I was sold is sadly 100% fake. I have contacted Amazon, and am requesting for a refund and a complaint to Peter Schmidt. BSLLC USA.
Yesterday I received this product, and I don't think it is a real deal. Boxes came w/o plastic wrapping (first time I see something like this), this was first what made me concern about legitimacy of the product that I received. I used it this morning and literally less than 15 minutes later my wife could not smell it, unless she was smelling it from couple of inches away. Than I used it again this evening, w/ same results. Person I was driving with, seating right next to me could not smell it, after I used it less than 15 minutes ago. I compared new bottles to my other bottles (one same size and one smaller size) that I bought from another retailer that I usually buy it from (not on line), everything seems identical except sprayer head (it does not stick out as high as my other large bottle) and label at the bottom of the bottles. Label looks very similar, but it is different, print size on the bottles that I just received is larger and brighter than on my other 6.7oz bottle (same applies to the smaller bottle I own) . Also, s/n of the bottle printed on large white stripe in the middle of the label and it is highly visible despite it's small print size. On the bottles that I bought from another retailer s/n printed in black, it's hard to see even though print size is much larger than rest of the text. Also s/n printed in different style than rest of the info on the label. I've been using this product for many years, this is first time I bought it on line. I would not recommend this product, I don't think it is legitimate, even though price is very attractive.

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