Hot New Big Screen TV Deals $269.90 LG Electronics 43UK6300PUE 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

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  • Brand Name: LG
  • Item Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 38.5 x 24.8 inches
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning
  • Item model number: 43UK6300PUE
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Color Name: Brown


The UK6300 is crafted with a slim, seamless body that’s ideal for any room aesthetic. This new LG UHD TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ becomes the hub for the smart home: Using Intelligent Voice control, speak into the LG Magic Remote* to pull up family photos, control light settings,...

User reviews

Just set it up yesterday and so far so good. I am coming from a Samsung and just didn’t want to spend a lot. Like other reviewers said, the legs aren’t the best. I wouldn’t want them for a larger heavier model. I do intend to mount it on the wall in the future but I think it would do fine on the legs. I like the settings menu, it jumps out from the side. You have several presets and can adjust all the usual settings: brightness etc. the sound is great, 10 is too loud. Pretty light as expected. The picture looks great, better than my Samsung, even on old Sanford and Son from the 70s! Connecting to Netflix and amazon is easy and QUICK and there are buttons for both. I don’t use cable btw. Connecting to internet is easy. The menu jumps up from the bottom with all those apps and info as well. I’m pretty impressed with the interface of this tv and I think LG has won me over from Samsung. My Samsung struggled with staying connected to Internet and Netflix etc was always freezing and dropping so I would have to turn it off and back on. I don’t care for the remote it is small and seems cheap. Samsung makes a large remote that’s easy to use and sturdy enough to smack someone with. I have big hands and this remote makes me feel like adre the giant. Bottom line I’m very happy with the tv, I’d buy it again and I’m thinking about getting one for my parents. Good interface, good picture, good price, couldn’t ask for better except the legs. Samsung who??
This is a great TV for the money. It has a great piture and lots of features. Keep in mind this is not an OLED TV so it doesn’t have the best contrast or super deep blacks like all LED/LCD screens. If you set up the picture settings correctly you will have a great picture. There are lots of videos and articles that explain how to do this online. You also have to be using the correct cables. You can’t use regular old HDMI cables. You have to use cables that support the latest and greatest features. You also have to be aware that only 4K content is going to look super amazing. Watching OTA TV, cable, satelitte, DVD, regular Blu-rays, and 99% of all online videos will not be in 4K and su the picture has to be streched yo fill your TV screen. This is called upsampling. You have to set yor picture ssettings for each input. Also setting up the picture settings for 1 app (Netflix for example) sets the same settings for all apps. And if your gaming use Game mode in the picture settings. Game mode has very low input lag.The sound is decent but don’t expect much from tiny speakers in flat screen TV’s. I got a sound bar to get the best sound possible. The TV is easy to set up. Has lots of great features and apps. I was surprised to see Youtube TV which I like. You can share your phone and computer screen but. Not all computers will share though. I have three PC’s and coulld not connect to the TV by adding the TV as a device on the PC settings. But I was able to connect my newest PC to the TV by adding the TV as a wireless screen on the PC. The downside to this method is the sound comnes out of the PC and not the TV. Sharing your phone is easy but you will need to download a Miracast app form the app store on your phone. I was able to stream a movie from my Android phone this way using VLC player. The TV also sees my router and NAS drive as media servers and was able to watch a movie on the TV from the NAS drive. I can also view pictures and play my extensive music collection as well. I also setup Google Assistant on the TV as well. Alexa is also supported. Another great feature is casting Youtube videos from the phone to the built in Youtube app on the TV. This way you can easily pick what video you want to watch on your phone then send it to the TV. This is great for me as I have poor vision and can’t read the text on the TV screen unless I am very close. Oh and for watching movies from the NAS... I have files in the AVI, MP4 and MKV formats. They are all playable on the TV. And for music the TV can play 320kbs MP3's from the NAS. Not sure about other formats.Lastly. I recommend getting the LG Magic remote. It’s not a great universal remote but you can use the remote as a pointer on screen which makes navigating web sites (yes the TV has a web browser) very easy. It also has a voice function which allows you to open apps and inputs and more easily. You also use the remote to use Google Assistant or Alexa. Be sure to turn off Audio Guidance in Settings/Accessibility for the TV as neither the pointer nor the voice function will work with it on.I highly recommend this TV.
I purchased this TV as well as an LG soundbar and 4K Blu-ray player to replace a six year old LG plasma 60" TV that is dying. The TV looks good and was easy to set up including connection to the soundbar. I liked the features, ease of use, picture and user interface and app improvements compared to my old LG. The mounts for tabletop use work, but they are quite minimal. Sadly, this TV started having problems on the second day starting with purple vertical bars on the screen that progressed to multiple color bars ending in no picture or sound. I was on the phone for hours with LG trying to resolve it. Resets and power cycles did not resolve it (not surprisingly). LG's support service is lacking with their referral to non-participating service providers and unreachable providers. After much insistence, my case was apparently escalated, and the issue was to be transferred to LG field support. I was adamantly assured I would be contacted soon on that day. I wasn't. This "support" is unacceptable for this product. The support representatives were friendly though, although the inference that this internal hardware issue might be physical damage as not appreciated (presumably as a way to escape support responsibility). It might otherwise be a good product, but with LG's failure to resolve the issue, I returned the TV and Amazon was good in that process. I do not recommend LG now, particularly if you have to get LG support or service.UPDATE: I received a second TV from Amazon, and so far (four days), it is performing well. As with the other one, setup was easy. It works well with LG's SK6Y soundbar and SPK8-S rear speakers. Playing a regular Blu-ray disk on the connected LG UP875 produces an exceptional upscaled picture. My original review was one star due to the early failure and LG's pathetic response. I have added a star for the performance so far of this second TV. I am concerned that it might fail later and I have to try to deal with LG again.

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