Hot New Big Screen TV Deals $2,349.99 LG Electronics 86UK6570 86-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

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  • Brand Name: LG
  • Item Weight: 99.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 76.5 x 13.6 x 46.8 inches
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning
  • Item model number: 86UK6570PUB
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Color Name: Grey


The UK6570 is crafted with a slim, elegant metal frame that blends with any decor. This new LG UHD TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ becomes the hub for the smart home: Using Intelligent Voice control, speak into the LG Magic Remote* to pull up family photos, control light settings,...

User reviews

I bought this set for 4k gaming (PS4 PRO) and 4k films. Anything else like voice integration with google assistant was just a bonus that adds to the overall purchases and very happy with it.The 70/75 inch model the only major difference is screen panel type. 75 is direct lit and 70 is edge lit. Features pretty much the same.Out of the box the image using home mode was basic due the fact that all 4k TVs are set to automatic light detection and shifts the image to 'energy saver' slightly dimming them. Just go into the menu settings, picture setting and shut energy saving mode off. This is how all major tvs are shipped inbox. Its not a defect item. After shutting that off, the image settings work like normal. Vivid, sports, cinema etc they also have a professional tv set up for light and dark room. In case you want to hire someone professionally.HDR effect is simulated HDR on SD content. Also a separate setting for HDR called: HDMI DEEP COLOR in 'additional picture settings' same location. They also have an option for eye strain, if its set on, shut it off. Its used for people who have eye strain from bright sets. I would keep HDMI DEEP COLOR ON to test that your HDMI is working with the TV, it will automatically turn on when it detects a blue-ray disk player with HDR or gaming system using it. Leaving it on, lets you know if the HDMI is compatible with it. Even if you're not using something with HDR. If the HDMI cant pass the signal, it will default to black screen 'no image detected'. In that case shut it off, and get a new HDMI.After shutting off power saving modes, the tv works perfectly. Vivid images, sharp, major detail and awesome color. Whites are super white, but wont bleed over each other. Reds are blood red and blacks are dark. Everything pops off the screen, keep in mind i'm coming from a 1rst gen 4k tv that lacked a full HDR panel (10 bit). Slow remote response and lacking features that this set has. THIS new set fixes all that.. The blue tooth remote is responsive, fast and almost no lag, feel snappy and responsive. You can also download the LG app and use it as a pointer (like a mouse pointer on a computer). Easiest way to input information like passwords, email etc vs dialing them in on the remote. It can also be used as a pointer to navigate menu settings on screen with click being enter command.LG has an app store, but haven't had a chance to play around with it. They give out free screensavers images in 4k, fireplace, beach etc and some basic games. In the future, i'll download wallpapers since my gaming is done on the PS4. They also have free apps for TV viewing from online channels. The set comes pre installed with Hulu, Netflix (controller has Netflix button), YouTube, google pictures etc you can also download free online shows that stream for free. From what I read online, Netflix is tuned to the TV for best viewing.The set also has an update feature for firmware (under about TV settings sections) and you can set it to auto update. Once registered with LG, can also be done from TV. It allows you to use Google Assistance with a few prompts for basic set up. To fully use LG AI thinQ voice built in, you have to get a magic remote (under $50 bucks) and will be buying one soon, since I use voice features a lot. From google assistant from your phone, you can do basics, volume up +5, shut living room TV off and a few other commands that go threw google assistant (phone or google home) . The magic remote uses more the voice feature and you dont have to say: okay google, tell LG to turn off living room TV" saves you a step and allows you to use it for suggestions and what you see in the demo videos. Remember that AI ThinQ is working with Google assistant for results. Not a gimped voice feature like first generation 4k TVs.My games look phenomenal, brand new including 4k films. Everything seems to have gotten a new coat of paint. The HDR really makes a difference in films and games. These set use HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid log gamma). The only thing it does not do is Dolby Vision. Its a Dolby version of HDR basically. Which to me isn't a deal breaker since HDR10 is more supported in films, streams etcTV also supports fast wireless connection (wireless AC).I have nothing negative to say about the set. Had an HDMI/HDR error and that was due to my HDMI not being high speed aka 'premium HDMI'. If you run into a similar issue with PS4 PRO, XBOX X or Blu-ray player. Connect directly to set should fix the issue and see if its the HDMI. Sometimes, like in my case, its an older HDMI that I had going from my sound system out to the LG TV. The PS4 was high speed/premium but the 2nd connection to the TV wasn't, so the chain was broken. Supported 4k but lacked bandwidth with 4k+ HDR.This set has all major functionsVA panelWide Color Gamut (WCG)4K Ultra HD Resolution4K Active HDRUltra LuminanceUPDATE: 9/10/2018Installed a new HDMI high speed cable from sound system out to TV from receiver and it fixed the 'no signal' sign when HDR was turned on. Leave HDMI DEEP COLOR ON. (it will pop up the logo) to let you know its working and not a black screen. if you get a black screen somethings wrong with the HDMI. When HDR is working and pops up the logo, go to settings (gear icons in remote), pulls up quick menu and HDR will be highlighted, but say HDR+Standard imaging viewing etc (can be changed). If you're using vivid (my personal choice) when using HDR, set it to HDR+ Vivid. When you do this again, and the TV detects an HDR signal again, it will remember the last HDR+(picture setting) mode you used. (HDR on or OFF) each has thier own image settings.Random info: if you have a sound system connected to the TV, when using built in TV set apps (You-tube/Hulu etc) you may have to set the receiver/sound system to TV on its remote to get audio coming from the sound system. If you use a Blu-ray players apps, or apps from a game system like PS4 Hulu etc just setting the normal connection input should push the sound like normal.
I’ve had this television for a month and while I love the television, the experience with LG and Amazon has been horrible. The HDMI 3 port keeps going out and after several calls with hard to understand outsourced call centers, I now have to have a third party come take my TV for up to ten days to replace a part. After spending 1600 dollars on a television I expected better. I don’t care if they send me a new one, I’m just trying to figure out why Direct TV can have a tech replace a whole motherboard in my former TV without it leaving my house, but LG and Amazon can’t seem to fix my issues without inconveniencing me and taking the television for ten days.
Was considering a Samsung, but with all the issues plaguing that brand right now, I was convinced by a friend to try LG. Very glad I did. Arrived in heavy packaging, and there were no issues with shipping damage. The 75" TV is heavy, so get a friend to help unpack and set it up on your TV stand or wall mount. You won't be able to do it yourself. The picture is outstanding, but older content will not upscale to real high quality. More recent content, such as The Hobbit / LOTR (for example, which I used for testing), look nearly 4k off of a regular DVD (non-BluRay). I'm not exaggerating, either. I was impressed, as it far exceeded my expectations. Setup is quick and easy. Lots of options for accommodating different aspect ratios, picture modes (from vivid, ACS, normal, cinema, HDR, etc...). Streaming apps and various types of inputs make for a great TV. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, take the leap. I can't imaging you regretting it.

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