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  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches ; 1 pounds
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The As Seen On TV My fun Fish Tank uses gravity cleaning technology to clean itself. It makes A perfect, low-maintenance introduction to pet care for children. When you pour clean water on top of the aquarium, dirty water on the bottom pushes out through the cleaning spout. The My fun fish...

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I purchased 15 tank units and assembled them pouring into one another ending in a large sump with a bio filter, heater, and media. These tanks are used for my breeding needs and act as a *temporary* housing unit for the fish until they are homed or given to other breeders. Please be advised that this tank cannot house a proper bio filter and stay clean. Any fish put in such a small tank like this will suffer or die because of "new tank syndrome" lack of bio filter, and possible PH crashes. Please treat yourself to the much needed information of bio filters and per gallon for what species you are housing in your tank. Do not use this tank for fish for long periods of time. It can be used as a good isolation tank for new fish members to check for illness before new tank introduction or, can be used as a medical tank to treat.Be advised, educate yourself.Overall, each tank does leak out the pour spout droplets once every 5 seconds with constant water flow. The angle at the bottom is proper and helps circulate the debris however, the rocks are much too large and halts the flow of water needed to suck the large particles up. If this tank were 4 times as large with the same structure, it would be a fantastic design. Too small for one tank use. Please heed my words above.Thanks for reading my review.
I feel conflicted. I want a pet and this tank seems to allow me to have a fish with easy water changes. I used to have an aquarium and I didn't want the work of a larger tank.However, I did some reading after I bought the tank and the fish. What I have learned is this tank is too little for most fish unless I can live with myself by forcing the fish to live in this little tank. The first day the fish, a betta, did very little, so I put a mini heater in the tank. He seems to be happy and by happy I mean he swims up and down most of the day and eats very little. It's been 4 days. So far, so good.UPDATE - I realized the betta was swimming up to get air and then returning to the bottom where he looked cramped. Imagine if you were pacing in a four foot box. You wouldn't really be able to get into a full stride before you had to turn around. That is what it seemed to be like for the betta. I will put him in the smaller tank when I do the water changes, so it is not a total waste, but I broke down and got him a 2+ gallon tank. He swims a lot more and seems happier with more space.One more observation - I used the heater because the betta really didn't swim much when the temperature was under 70 degrees. However, when I had the heater in the tank with the lid on, the temperature was over 85 degrees. The betta really did not like that and he looked like he was going to jump out.
This a very basic, very simple tank.But it does what it says it does.I bought this tank/fish for my five year old daughter. I wanted something very low maintenance. I have an extensive history in tropical fish husbandry/breeding and, while I enjoyed it immensely, I was looking for the exact opposite with the setup for my daughter. Due to other small children in the house, I was seeking something not tied down by power cords. And I wanted something easy to clean.I was skeptical when purchasing this, but I read the reviews on here and they actually sounded promising. I knew going into it that it was 1) for a betta 2) would have to be cleaned frequently.Purchase/Set-Up:I opened the box and everything was intact (not broken). I noticed that I probably wouldn't like the rocks and plant provided so I purchased small, smooth rocks sold in the pet store (probably cheaper elsewhere). I cleaned everything thoroughly (hot water only) and set the tank up...pretty easy stuff. I took two "stems" off the artificial silk plant I had purchased, and floated them in the tank. They provide more coverage for the betta similar to their natural habitat, and they are flexible by floating them (planted plants are not flexible and can appear to make more tighter spaces in the tank). I added a Little Mermaid decoration: completely necessary for a five year old's tank :)I added conditioned water to the tank, adding more water than needed to the tank so I could make sure the system worked.All systems go!Adding the fish:My daughter chose "Blue", a male Betta. We made sure the tank temperature was similar to the temp in his cup and we added him to the tank, with the water he was in (naturally this squeezed some water out of the cleaning system).He appears to like the tank quite well. The tank is 2 liters.Some would argue that this is pretty small, and they are right, but I have seen a lot smaller setups for Bettas, or I have seen large setups for them that just plain suck. "Blue" has plenty of room to swim around. I should add I didn't use many rocks, and the rocks I used are smaller than what is provided, and this gave a little more swimming room as well. He seems very content with his tank, and he especially loves his floating silk flowers.On the second day I noticed the water level had already dropped just a tad, but being how small the tank is, a tad makes a difference. So I added some water. I have to add a little water every other day. I also have to stick a heater in every day because the water temp drops pretty quickly. It is February right now so I'm assuming this will only be temporary. Luckily the heater I use can be inserted and removed easily (I purchased it separately from the tank). Be sure to use a heater that is made for a very small tank. I keep the temp at 73, however they can thrive in warmer temp than that. The tank heats up pretty fast so be careful!! And there is no water circulation, so when you are reading the temp make sure the water has been circulated beforehand so you're not getting a reading off of a pocket of water with a different temperature.Cleaning:I clean the tank every 2-3 days. I use one liter of conditioned water, of similar temperature to the tank. The system really works! You can see all the stuff floating up through the tube. Does it get 100% of everything? No, but it gets about 90% or more, and if you clean it every 2-3 days, 10% waste isn't bad at all. The tank is definitely perfect for one betta as far as waste-management goes. 2-3 days sounds like a lot, but it's not hard to add water to a tank...that's it!!!!What I don't like:The light is the only thing I don't care for. It works, and fits nicely over the tank. But it is battery-powered and won't last long. I was hoping to use it often for my daughter to observe the tank, so I'm anticipating buying A LOT of batteries in the future. But I wanted something without a power cord, so it is what it is. Extra batteries from the manufacturer would have been a nice bonus.**Update** September 2015The tank started getting algae in it more frequently, making it necessary to do a full scrub-down of everything once a week. The inside of the cleaning tube would get algae in it as well. "Blue" didn't seem to mind the tank changes or the little bit of algae that was in his tank before cleanings. Unfortunately we lost Blue six months after we got him and the tank. I'm not sure why; it could have been a tank change, but he survived many tank changes for many months.The light completely stopped working after about two months, so it's kind of laughable that I complained in my review about batteries, because now I have replacement batteries just sitting here for nothing ha! (I ordered replacement batteries from Amazon.)Now that we have done the experience with the tank and I can look back and reflect on the maintenance of the tank, I still believe it is a good tank for the price and it does what it advertises. But the algae problem turned me off so much that I will most likely get a small tank with a filter/circulating water in the future. We loved our experience with the tank though! RIP Blue

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