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  • Brand: Amayrose
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.8 x 1 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Amayrose Car Windshield Snow Cover


Amayrose Car Snow Cover, Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover With Magnetic Edges and Elastic Straps, Waterproof Windshield Winter Cover For Ice, Snow, Frost, Sun Protection, Extra Large Size Fits for Most Vehicles - Size 83"x49"FEATURES: Durable 210D polyester material is adopted to resist the tensile...

User reviews

It snows a lot where I live and clearing the snow and ice from the windshield when running late for work or getting the kids to school can be such a pain. I saw this windshield cover and was intrigued but was worried it would freeze to the window or blow away in our crazy storms. We had our first few days of stormy weather and this was so great to have. It secures to the vehicle very easily and to my surprise it came right off of the window, it didn't freeze to it! I also really like that it isn't super bulky and takes up very little room, I'm able to store it in the little pocket of my door.
I like how this fits on my windshield. I’m thinking this winter, we might see a little snow. I bought this so hopefully I will not have to use the scraper as much.I put this on my car, and while it was on it rained. The rain easily wiped off and it quickly dried.I did not see directions, but I attached the hooks to my car door, and it had magnets to stick to the top of the car. It works and fits.
And I really wish I had taken a picture of how well this works! I had bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim, thinking I will need this in a month or two. Unfortunately, Midwest weather decided to surprise us for Halloween and we got a couple of inches of snow. We have a two-car garage but four cars so we always have cars getting covered in snow. My car is one of those two as I am the first person to leave in the mornings. I do have remote start on my car but sometimes it takes more than that to defrost my windshield. Here to the rescue – this windshield cover! I knew that we would get snow on October 30 at night so I decided – Hey, why not just put it on my windshield and if there is nothing big, at least I’ve tried. Well, this thing was amazing. It kept my windshield clean and I was able to remove it and the snow on it with just one pull. I so wish that I could use it where I park my car but I was worried someone might take it. I’m not sure what type of material this is made of but the inside lining is silver while the outside is black. There are two hooks that hook up under your carriage, by your wheels, and two magnets that attach to your car. It’s so easy to put on and take off, plus it comes in a nice storage bag with a zipper so that you can leave it in your truck to dry and then pack it.

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