Hot Deals in Automotive Parts and Accessories $7.54 10 Pack – EPAuto 12V-DC ATC/ATO 12 AWG In-Line Fuse Holder for 30A fuses

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  • Brand: EPAuto
  • Item Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 8 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches
  • Item model number: AE-008-1
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AE-008-1
  • Folding: No
  • Voltage: 12 volts


Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Heavy Duty 12 (AWG) Gauge Red Color Wire; In-Line fuse holder for ATC/ATO type fuses; Waterproof lid for a rainy day. Not directly in water.; Support up to 30A fuses for 12V DC.

User reviews

5 stars is you want a 12 gauge waterproof in line fuse. This is not 10 gauge. I'm a electrician. I know my gauges of wire.
I clicked on my purchase of "10 Pack - EPAuto ATC / ATO 10 Gauge 30 AMP In-Line Fuse Holder" to leave a review, but the same ASIN:B01DYPY0E4 I purchased is now showing "10 Pack - EPAuto 12V-DC ATC/ATO 12 AWG In-Line Fuse Holder for 30A fuses", both sold by 'EPFamily Direct'. My first picture shows the stranded wire diameter is only 2.44mm making it closer to 13 gauge, 10 gauge similar stranded wire is 3.3mm. My second picture is of the 105 strands of 34 gauge wire making my purchase 13 gauge. This is about the seventh time I've run into this problem trying to find "10 gauge" stranded wire that is even close to 10 gauge, now if the gauge I need isn't printed on the wire insulation itself, I've learned from experience that it will be dangerously undersized. Perhaps the Chinese use different wire gauge standards than the U.S., but millimeters should be the same millimeters in both countries. Even if my "10 gauge" purchase was 10 gauge SOLID wire, it's true diameter of solid would be 2.59mm and stranded wire always has a larger diameter than the same gauge solid wire due to the air gaps between the stranded wires. Not sure about EPFamily Direct's 12 gauge wire's diameter, but at least they are no longer advertising 10 gauge wire anymore. A helpful "Solid and Stranded Conductor AWG Chart" can be found at Always a good idea to put a little Dielectric Grease like ASIN:B000AL8VD2 on the fuse's metal contacts unless it will be used in bone-dry conditions, even then it keeps the fuse from sticking to the holder's contacts making replacement so much easier, I've pulled the guts out of fuse holders like this that stuck to the fuse itself, not good.
As others complained, it is tight to get the fuses in. As the song says "You need a little patience" Take your time and just put one side in a little first and switch sides one going back and forth one at a time and do it gently. It takes a minute but it will go in just fine. I'd rather it be nice and tight than just fall out, wouldn't you?If you're really impatient you could just jam a small flat screwdriver in it. If you do that, you'll probably open it up too much or slip and poke your hand with the screwdriver, not fun right? Just take your time and all will be fine.You'll know when it's in all the way because the cover won't snap on if it's sticking out too far, plus the fuse won't be flush. Not to mention your circuit probably won't work or will intermittently. Plus, I don't care if they are made in China, the north pole or Mars, this is a quality productLastly, to rebut other reviews.....I've been dealing with wiring for nearly 40 years, commercial electric, automotive and telecommunications, these ARE every bit of 10 gauge wire, not 12, not 14 and certainly not 8 but 10 gauge wire. Strip the sheath and stick it in a wire thickness gauge and you'll see, nice and tight fit for 10 gauge wire as it is advertised to be. You could easily throw 30 amps through these no problem as promised. If the fuse keeps blowing then you're obviously trying to do more amperage or you have a fault on your circuit.

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