Hot Deals in Automotive Parts and Accessories $11.99 Press N Pour Gas Funnel: Replacement Spout and Gas Can Cap for Any GarageBOSS, Briggs & Stratton, and Wedco Portable Fuel Gas Can Bonus: Extra O Ring

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Replacement spout for any GarageBOSS, Briggs & Stratton, and Wedco Portable Fuel Container Control flow with simple press button Spill control with included spout extension Largest valve in industry.

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I thought I'd found the perfect *legal* gas can spout for my arthritic hands, but I'm disappointed. First off, gas pours right out of the thumb piece when the can is tipped too far forward to get the last of the gas out of the can. No leaks around the base of the spout, just through the thumb piece of the spout. Second, I wish they'd do away with the first step of having to push in the thumb piece before being able to press it down. Third, after 4 or 5 times of using the spout, the whole thumb piece (that's pushed in and down) turned completely around and now it won't spin back to the original position. But, this is kind of nice having it turned around, because now I don't have to push it in before pressing it down. I just wish that it didn't leak through that thumb piece.
Disappointing to say the least. My original Briggs and Stratton Spouts are failing and I hoped this would be a good upgrade. First these appear to lack an air intake as the 5 gallon plastic can's sides move in and out as it slugs either gas or diesel. I could live with that, the real show stopper is the flimsy "hook" that catches on the filler neck of what you're filling. Second time I used it it bent back. I'd guess in another couple of uses it wouldn't hook/engage on the filler neck at all thus letting the nozzle slip into the fuel tank opening. Using this on a 5 gallon can is quite a chore. The old B&S spouts had a robust hook that really held up. Hard to believe how poorly this works especially given the price They need to actually try this product before trying to sell it to the public. I really wanted to like this but can't. I'd gladly buy the original B&S spouts as they performed much better but can't find them.
Bought 3 Gas Containers, the 2 Gallon type with the push down to pour spout. I keep them stored with the nozzle inside the can. Both released the pin that holds the nozzle to the filler tube. I think the gasoline dissolved the pin or the mount, as I could not fine either in the container. I have since found the company filed BK is is gone (gee I wonder why). I purchased one of these to replace one nozzle if it fit. Well, now I will purchase 2 more for the other containers!

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